GPS Auto Tracking Devices – Helping Auto Dealers and Fleet Owners

In today’s economic climate, business both large and small are looking for ways to increase efficiency and cut costs to create a better bottom line. For automotive dealerships and retailers, few factors incur more expense than having to deal with tracking down late payments or recover vehicles from owners who have defaulted on payments. Similarly, keeping track of vehicles can be one of the most time consuming and costly parts of running any fleet-based business, whether it be a car rental company or a pizza delivery business. Thanks to modern GPS technology, these challenges do not have to be costly or time consuming for auto dealers and fleet-based business.

How does a GPS auto tracking device work?

In broad terms, once a GPS device designed for automobile tracking is attached in a hidden location on a vehicle and connected to that vehicle’s power source, it transmits the vehicle’s location via satellite to a server. The owner of the tracking device accesses the vehicle information through the internet. Vehicle location is not the only type of information made available by GPS auto tracking devices; device owners can purchase GPS tracking software packages that also enable them to view details such as real-time vehicle location, mileage, direction of travel, route history and other details. High quality GPS auto tracking devices may come with annual renewal fees, or they might not. Software application packages used to view GPS tracking data are typically purchased on either an unlimited monthly basis as a “per search” package bundle.

GPS auto tracking for automotive dealerships and BHPH lots

For auto retailers, being protected from the liability of late or non-payers is critical. Auto dealers who outsource credit authorization to outside credit institutions may not be responsible for keeping track of payments, but if a buyer defaults on payments, collecting the vehicle can become part of the dealership’s headache. For buy here pay here (BHPH) auto retailers, being protected from payment default is absolutely vital. Some GPS auto tracking devices are specially designed to be used to ensure on-time auto payments. These tracking devices are equipped with a payment warning signal which will automatically notify the driver that payments are late when the car is started. Once late payments reach a certain time frame, a remote starter interrupt feature prevents the vehicle from being started until payments have been made. GPS auto tracking units used for payment insurance and vehicle recovery can also be used to establish a “geo fence” around the vehicle, preventing it from crossing state or national boundaries. GPS devices are complete with anti-tampering and theft features.

GPS auto tracking devices provide invaluable information to car leasing and rental companies as well, protecting vehicle owners from theft and making the vehicle recovery process, if necessary, simple.

GPS auto tracking for fleet owners and fleet-based business

Knowing the precise real-time location, mileage, travel direction and route history of fleet vehicles can help owners and managers of fleet-based business save enormous time and unnecessary expense. GPS auto fleet tracking devices allow fleet managers to ensure on-time delivery, to prevent unauthorized driving – even to place a geo fence around fleet vehicles to prevent drivers from going outside of authorized areas. This information is vital to keeping drivers on route, on time and on task, and it also protects vehicle owners from theft. GPS fleet tracking devices are not only beneficial to fleet owners; built-in SOS systems allow drivers to quickly alert their home base if any mechanical problems arise. With real-time route tracking info readily on hand, fleet managers can offer incentives for quick deliveries.

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