Not All Hippies From The 60s Are Gone

Hippies from the 60s were a common site in the 1960s and 1970s. The long hair, the beads, and tie-dye shirts were prevalent. Words and phrases like far out, heavy, and out a sight were spoken. The word trip took on a whole new meaning. The music changed and became loud-very loud.

Bean bag chairs, water beds, and lava lamps gained popularity. The smell of incense, and burning rope filled the air.

The older generation, which was then anyone over the age of 30, wondered what was happening. Young folks, now known as the baby boomers, embraced the language, the music, and the lifestyle.

The saying “if you remember, you weren’t there” became how the baby boomers fondly remember that unusual, ground-breaking time.

Time marches forward. Times continue to change. Memories become distant memories. People grow up and move on.

Well, most people grow up on move on. Some didn’t get the memo.

Harold the Hippie

There’s a man in Southern California who clearly didn’t get the memo.

His hair isn’t long anymore. It’s not because he cut it. It’s because he lost it.

He can often be seen wearing tie-dye shirts with a peace sign on it. He can be heard uttering some of the words and phrases mentioned above. He visits record stores and still buys vinyl albums. He thinks the latest release was in 1971.

He has an unprecedented vinyl album collection that numbers well into the thousands. Radio stations would be challenged to match the collection that ranges from Abba to Zappa.

Ask him a music trivia question from the 60’s or 70’s and he practically knows the answer before you can finish asking the question.

He probably has a copy of the hippie handbook.

If ever there was someone who is a throw-back in time, this is him. He’s a trip.

What to do with a character such as this?

Lava Lamp Serenade

He did what any time-warped, aged-hippie who’s now a grandpa, and who thinks it’s still the 20th century would do. He became a radio DJ. He spends his Saturday nights trying to turn back the clock and take as many listeners as he can with him.

He has names and themes for his shows such as “Long Time Gone”, “Go Back In Time”, “Threesomes“, “Clothing Optional“, “Au Naturale“, “Free“, and “It’s A Beautiful Day“, among others.

There’s a chat room and he serves virtual “special brownies” and virtual “boxed wine” and other virtual snacks.

He calls his listeners serenaders and plays their requests that are made in advance.

He invites anyone and everyone who loves 60’s and 70’s rock, who remembers what early FM radio formats were like, and/or anyone who wants to see what it’s all about.

He plays songs you know by artists you don’t know, songs you don’t know by artists you do know, as well as songs you know by artists you know.

It’s a trip.

Bob is a baby boomer who has an affinity for 1960’s and 1970’s rock and roll, now known as classic rock. He is under the influence of it as this is written.

He’s a retirement planning and safe money professional who specializes in life insurance products. His company is based on the 5 F’s: Food, fitness, finances, fulfillment, fun, driven by honesty respect and best effort.

This is about the 5th F–fun.