What Is Spiritual Music?

I grew up with barbershop quartet music in the house. My mom is an incredible singer and at the time had been a member of the Sweet Adeline Chorus. They also had quartets and they would compete a few times a year. If you know anything about this style of music, it is very unique with old school songs and amazing harmonies. The problem was that at 13 years old, I hated it! I promised myself that I would never sing or make music of any kind. Go figure, because years later that’s exactly what I did. But, being a rock n roll spiritual singer was definitely not being in barbershop quartets.

I fell into inspirational/spiritual music after a long stint with numerous rock n roll/ pop bands. They were all fun but most of the time the audience had no idea what I was singing about because the drums were too loud! Aha! I was singing darker lyrics about relationships gone wrong. Ah, the mystery, or not, of failed relationships. After actively following a spiritual path and doing the inner work required to evolve, I met the man of my dreams and the sad love songs stopped. But with this new found joy and inner peace came new songs of hope and love. I began writing from a sense of ‘life can be better’ and ‘how can I serve humanity’? I asked myself hard questions like what do I stand for? What is my life purpose? What is the vision for my life? Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, my guru, has assisted me exponentially with these questions. Being an avid follower of his message and attending service at The Agape International Spiritual Center has been key to most of my recent transformation.

Well, I can tell you that now I’m living a life of freedom. The message in my music is encoded with freedom, joy, transformation and evolution. It is for the people who actively want to know how to be their best self and how they can live their dreams. I call it spiritual music or even inspirational music. For me this kind of music involves meditating on my highest potential and channeling the messages forward into sound and word. My intention is to inspire the listener to a point where they can no longer ignore their purpose and true calling. This is out of the comfort zone for some people. I understand… but why are we really here? Why are we living these dynamic lives that we lead? There are answers and usually they are found within the person asking the questions.


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